What's your problem?

We're listening.

Listenology partners with organizations on projects requiring a jolt of insight, clarity, and creativity.

Our Work

We listen to, advise, and empower CEOs, Executive Directors, Boards and team leaders who recognize the connection between investing in their teams and reaching their goals.

Our Advantage

We offer forward-looking organizations change management solutions without the complexity or financial impact of onboarding in-house specialists.

Our Expertise

We’re human-first in our practice and process. We curate spaces where voices are amplified, egos are lowered, and teams are unified.

We think in process, not product.

Good ideas rarely appear out of thin air. They must be discovered.


Listening that leads to meaning.

We start every project with an open posture to establish common ground, and to make room for shared experiences.

Meaning that leads to insight.

We distill our findings in search of an awakening.

Insight that leads to strategy.

We study the spark that leads to clarity.

Strategy that leads to action.

We identify each target and detail each step to energize movement.

In person or online, we help organizations humanize their mission, strategize their
vision, and personalize their values.


Strategic planning and implementation.


Team training and executive coaching.


Practices and experiences.


Personal visioning.

Let's get to work.

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