Practices and experiences.

Our Culture toolbox grounds individuals and aligns teams in shared meaning.

Designed to upgrade work culture and elevate organizational health, we create customized practices and experiences that are human-centred and values-driven. For employers, improving lives at work lowers disengagement as it increases retention. For employees, it closes the gap between the daily grind and personal satisfaction.

Creativity & Innovation

Workshops and retreats that inspire organizational imagination and bond teams.

From Our Portfolio

The Steeves and Rozema Group

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we designed and led a two-day experience that included personal reflection and martial arts training to re-energize leaders serving in long-term care homes.

Conflict & Resilience

Personal inventory practices to prevent burn-out and de-escalate tension by building bridges instead of burning them.

From Our Portfolio

Lambton College

We created a series of work/life disciplines for them that helped individuals and teams act as they aspired to be.

Change & Transition

Meaningful processes and routines aimed to establish stability by addressing uncertainty, earning trust, and taking personal lives into utmost consideration.

From Our Portfolio

Bluewater Health Foundation

In response to the increasing challenges of remote working, we developed practices and tools to reimagine team collaboration, onboard new staff, and maintain healthy connections.

Rituals can be one powerful strategy to improve our work lives—and help us act more like we aspire to be. They are practices that can bond people together, help us move through conflicts, amp us up to better performances, and assist us in adapting to change.

Kursat Ozenc & Margaret HaganStanford University


Strategic planning and implementation.


Team training and executive coaching.


Personal visioning.

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