Team training and executive coaching.

Our Development toolbox builds leadership muscle memory where it's needed most.

We create customized training and creative learning environments that equip employees and upgrade organizational performance. Our stable of Subject Matter Experts turn knowledge into transferable skills for both public and private sector teams.

Micro-Credentialing Learning Parties

We can help you research, write, and present content based on the current needs of your teams.

From Our Portfolio

Refined Fool Brewing Company

We helped train over forty servers and staff in the hospitality industry on best practices to meet provincial mandates and exceed customer expectations.

One-on-One Coaching & Accountability

We offer allyship for veterans and guidance for rookies grounded in trust, honesty, care, and courage.

From Our Portfolio

BMA Benefits

We worked in partnership with a tiered executive team to help them prosper and secure their success in the success of others.

Soft-Skills Development

We continue to develop original content to add to our customizable “How To” teaching series library.

From Our Portfolio

Sarnia Concrete

We helped factory and frontline workers embrace change, and take ownership of their trade.

Series 1: For Beginners

  • How to Listen
  • How to Communicate
  • How to Fail

Series 2: For Keeners

  • How to Lead
  • How to Be Curious
  • How to Fight

Series 3: For Leaders

  • How to Be Insecure
  • How to Make Mistakes
  • How to Unlearn

Just as an athlete practices his or her moves to commit them to muscle memory, the point here is to make voicing our values the default position...there is power in preloading a response.

Mary GentileUniversity of Virginia Darden School of Business


Strategic planning and implementation.


Practices and experiences.


Personal visioning.

Let's get to work.

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